Saturday, April 5, 2008

Medical Care for the Elderly

The medical standard in Singapore has long been highly regarded in Asia, and is evident from the many overseas patients seeking medical care in Singapore.

While Singapore is medically advanced among her neighbours, medical care can only reach patients who are willing to reach out to receive help.

Elderly in particular, often refuse to go to a clinic or hospital to seek treatment when they are struck with illness or suffer a relapse from an existing condition. They often brush off with an excuse that “they are alright” or “there is no big deal”. The common reasons why many elderly are disinclined to visiting a medical facility are because,
  1. They feel that medical fees are exorbitant.
  2. They detest taking medicines.
  3. They fear of being admitted to the hospital after reaching there, and eventually die at the hospital. This is especially believed by those who are very old, or had an existing condition (e.g. heart attack) that is very serious.
  4. They are unwilling to travel as they are physically weak due to deteriorated muscles, and believe that they will be a burden their family members when they have to accompany them to the clinic or hospital.

However advanced we are in the medical arena, there is no way to help these group of people if they are unwilling to seek for help. Family members often find themselves in a dilemma as they are unwilling or find it difficult to “compel” their elders to seek medical assistance. Some of these cases were delayed until the damage was irreversible.

In 2002, 2 doctors decided to look into these problems and thought of how to bring the hospital to these people if they refused to go to one. As healthcare professionals, they felt that they should not just be good at treating and healing, but they should also be able to help all those who needed medical help. MW Medical was born with these objectives in mind.

MW Medical created a new process to bring hospital care to the home, and the 2 doctors become “operationally ready medical doctors”. They would perform house calls at the ring of the phone, reaching the patient’s doorstep fully equipped with portable machines purchased from different parts of the world.

At reasonable rates, most families do not have to hesitate to call for medical assistance. Neither do they need to worry of having to persuade their elderly member to visit a clinic or hospital for medical treatment.

A year later, premier home services were started with Mobiledoctor, Mobilenurse, and shortly after that, Mobiletherapist. Mobiledoctor was the first licensed clinic specialising in providing house call medical care.

Mobiledoctor operates 24/7, making house call services available day and night throughout the year and bringing healthcare standards equivalent to that of a hospital.

Mobilenurse is dedicated to and stays with the patient at his premises for the duration of the treatment and procedure, and can provide up to 12 hours private nursing duties. A nurse in the hospital is assigned to several patients in a ward and is not dedicated to any particular patient.

To MW Medical, patients have the right to choose to stay at home to receive medical care. MW Medical’s services had solved the dilemma faced by many families and achieved her objective of bringing hospital healthcare to the patient’s home. Elderly receives their well-deserved medical assistance the way they want it to be. The service had also transformed into a concept known as Hospital@Home.